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Kids Unicorn Toasty Toez Slippers

Kids Unicorn Toasty Toez Slippers

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Some would say a Unicorn is a little girls best friend!

Make your little ones day magical with a pair of Unicorn Toasty Toez Boots! 

Our Toasty Toez live up to their name with a warm, fuzzy fleece lining on the inside, a stylish faux suede on the outside, and flexible rubber soles.

Make everyday feel like rainbows and unicorns! 

 Item #TZ327

Product Shoe Size (US Sizes)
Horse Toasty Toes - XXS 4 - 5
Horse Toasty Toes - XS
6 - 7 
Horse Toasty Toes - S
8 - 10
Horse Toasty Toes - M
10 - 12
Horse Toasty Toes - L
13 - 1 
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