Stay On Trend This Spring and Summer

Stay On Trend This Spring and Summer

It's getting warmer outside, and that means it's time to update the spring/summer wardrobe. Just because the trails are dusty doesn't mean your clothes need to be!

There are new trends every season, and these are some of the top Western wear ideas for spring/summer 2021.

2021 Western Fashion Trends

Heavy-duty Jeans

Every cowboy and cowgirl knows how to get down and dirty. They need some jeans that will be able to withstand life out West. That's why a sturdy pair of jeans is always in style. Essential to a sturdy pair of jeans is that they fit correctly. Find brands on Be True Western that will fit you exactly how they're supposed to. Just because a pair of jeans is practical and fits right doesn't mean that they won't be stylish. Take a look at the wide variety of styles available!

Statement Belts

You need something on your belt loops to make you stand out from everyone else at the rodeo, on the reservation, or at the local bar. That's why every stylish country man and woman needs a fashionable statement belt. You can choose something with an indigenous theme or something flashier with rhinestones. Get different styles for any occasion or look you're going for.

Slip Ons

This year, don't buy another pair of cowboy boots. Instead, opt for a pair of trendy slip ons. They're perfect for any Western outfit, and they're extremely comfortable on top of that. Try wearing them with a dress or a pair of shorts. Plus, slip ons are easy to take on and off when you need to get the show on the road in a hurry. You can go with traditional beige coloring or opt for something a little different with pink, red, blue, white, or black.

Smartwatch Bands

Being stylish does not mean you need to forego your favorite modern accessories, such as your smartwatch. Most smartwatches come with very basic bands. Choose something that allows you to express yourself a little better with Western-themed smartwatch bands. The patterns and colors will match the rest of your Western wear while still allowing you to utilize your smartwatch to read texts or count your steps.

Western-Themed Nails

No outfit is complete without the right nails. Many of us on the ranch don't want to spend the time and money going to the nail salon when riding horses or partying by the campfire later will result in chipped nails. Instead, get gorgeous stick-on polish strips. All you need to do is stick them on your current nails and file them to the desired look. At just the fraction of the cost of a salon manicure, you won't feel bad when you need a quick touch-up or to change your polish to match your next outfit.

Get your work done, and look good while doing it. Visit Be True Western to see all of the hottest Western fashion trends for 2021.

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